About Us

Nauman Property is a Developer company and focused on building
houses that create value for traditional house archipelago.

As Indonesian Developers, it is our privilege to respect our heritage and pave the way for Nusantara inspired Timeless Architecture.

A Collection of Architecturally crafted luxury townhouses, each meticulously designed with the concept of the archipelago. It is a sanctuary for your family to grow.

Our intention is to create the best residential developments in Indonesia, and our success is measured by the health of our communities.


As the time goes by, there are many parts of the house that are also degrading over time, especially when it comes to materials.

In Nauman, we carefully choose high-quality materials, best-in-class and carefully crafted, resulting in a long-lasting and sustainable house, a timeless sanctuary sheltering generation and more generations to come.

Just like Indonesia’s traditional house heritage, which lasted for centuries, which still stands still for every generation in the past.


Indonesia is an archipelago country, with approximately around 17,000 of islands spread across the country, resulting in abundance of rich cultural diversity, and a home to 273,8 millions of peoples from Sabang, to Merauke.

For centuries, our ancestors have developed and invented its own way to accustomed to their surrounding with its own unique house design to shelter them, on each region.

In Nauman, Indonesian interpreted as different yet unique identity for all the designs.


Iconic, is an object that is mostly regarded as a symbol, just like landmarks which function as a marking on a region, and is easily recognizable due to its uniqueness.

The terms of Iconic in Nauman represent the iconic design of each project, which is inspired by Nusantara Vernacular Architecture, resulting in iconic design, compared to most developers in Indonesia.

Vernacular Architecture also has philosophy value in it, one of Indonesia’s heritage that must be preserved at any cost.


Architecture is the art of designing and constructing building, our ancestors have taught us the wisdom of Vernacular.

In Nauman, we used the best-in industry materials quality, crafted carefully and accurately, by our experienced and trusted in-house engineers.

Each phase are carefully monitored from the very scratch of construction stages, to guaranteed the safety and the most comfortable experiences for the prospective future families.

Reviving Vernacular In the Era of Modernism

Our Vision

As well as designing a house to be a meaningful sanctuary for families, our intention is to create the best residential developments in Indonesia, and our success is measured by the health of our communities.

We find the most value in Indonesian Architecture and Culture, our long history is rich with heritage, power and will continue to be timeless. As an Architect, it is our duty to respect and preserve the heritage of Indonesian in a modern way.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create Indonesia’s developers that not only prioritize iconic or monumental design, but also create an environment where people would truly feel like they are home.

Nowadays, the stress level for those who live in metro city are relatively high and most developers tend to forget designing human-centered houses, and profit oriented. 

In contrast, we designed with human-centered in mind, with holistic design approach, and best-in industry material quality, and carefully crafted, to create a healthy housing environment, green community, as well as sustainable development.





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